Named the products dangerous to life and health of children

Названы продукты, опасные для жизни и здоровья детей

The use of some products may be dangerous to life and health of children. Experts attribute these products with a high risk of strangulation.

Newspaper the Sun has published the recommendations of the British doctors who urge parents with great care to give the children some food. In particular, they point to products with the addition of marshmallow (marshmallow).

“Parents need to understand that marshmallow deliberately doing very attractive, but in its actual value each marshmallow increases the danger of choking for children”, – quotes the edition professionals.

Doctors explain that many children, for whom items are intended and drink with a marshmallow, yet not able to chew or swallow. In turn, the structure of a marshmallow is such that it can easily be in the throat and score a respiratory tract. A similar risk was also associated with consumption of white bread, popcorn, crackers, nuts, grapes and chewing gum, warned experts.

The performance of foreign doctors commented on the Russian pediatrician Alex Immortal. He expressed the opinion that these products are able to provoke accidental asphyxia (suffocation) it’s not just kids – people of any age. As for the cases, when children choke on food, it is rather the fault of the parents who did not consider age features of children, she noticed the doctor. If a child is not properly learned how to chew his food, he should not give the products of the small structure.

The specialist said that small children are not always developed expectorate reflex – because of this it is easier for them to choke.

“If the child choked as soon as possible to free his airway. If you fail, you must click sharply on the abdomen below the sternum, so he reflexively spat out a subject. Simultaneously it is necessary to call an ambulance,” he shared the recommendation of the pediatrician.