Named the salaries of the heads of Tax and Customs services

Названы оклады глав Налоговой и Таможенной служб

In the conditions of carrying out competition on occupation of vacant posts of heads of the State tax and State customs services stated that the salaries of the heads of tax and customs services will amount to 24 thousand UAH.

The conditions published on the website of the national Agency of Ukraine on civil service.

In addition to salary, there are allowances, bonuses and awards. In particular for the rank, work intensity and performance of especially important work.

The appointment is limited to five years, unless otherwise provided by law, with the right of reappointment for a second term or further transfer, at the proposal of the Commission for higher corps of civil service on an equal or lower position in another state body.

Candidates for these positions should, in particular, have a total experience of not less than seven years to become fluent in foreign language (English or French).

Documents can be submitted until April 5. The competition is scheduled for April 16.

Competitions involve three stages. The first is to test for knowledge of legislation, knowledge of English or French. The second stage is the decision of situational tasks. Third – interview.

20 March, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman signed the decree on approval of provisions on State tax and State customs services.

In December 2018, the government decided to divide the State fiscal service (SFS) in two departments. This is one of the requirements of the International monetary Fund under the current stand-by program.