Named the the products that protect from sickness

Названы продукты, которые спасают от укачивания

To deal with motion sickness in transport by using the right products. Spanish nutritionists Fatima Branco and Nuria Monfared called products, the use of which will help people who suffer from motion sickness while traveling, says the Express Newspaper.

“The best thing for those who have usual vomiting in travel, is a scant bit of food, which does not mean that the feeling of dizziness or nausea will disappear, but will certainly be less tiring,” commented Branco.

The first and best to combat motion sickness in transport nutritionists believe rice, explaining that this is quite heavy and dense food settles at the bottom part of the stomach and prevents vomiting.

The second utility in the way experts call Apple – it will not only satisfy your hunger, but it’s easy enough to digest.

In third place nutritionists put the peanuts. He is irreplaceable in the short travel, which, in the opinion of Spanish experts, it is better to refrain from eating. If it becomes unbearable – a handful of nuts is able to correct the situation.

Also, as a snack, you can use chicken and unsalted cheese.

In addition to the above nutritionists advise to use a infusion of ginger, which can help with nausea. But fatty, salty and sugary foods to suffering from vertigo, people on the road are best avoided.

Experts also often suggest not to use perfume on the go, intense smell may cause nausea, to postpone the phone and the book, look ahead (not the window) and to sit facing.