Named the top-selling LADA cars in may

Названы самые ходовые автомобили LADA в мае

Over the last month of spring, LADA cars scattered run of 28 739 copies, slowed down with the increase in sales: total +0.4 percent relative to the same period last year. What “avtobazovskaya” model was in may at the peak of popularity?

Factory analysts note that the share of the Lad market of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by the end of the preceding month, and accounted for 21%. Also, if you look at the statistics since the beginning of the year, sales of the Volga car was 143 418 cars, which is 3.6% more than in 2018.

The leadership ranking within the brand (although analysts have not yet reported total sales of cars, but, most likely, and the leadership of the Russian chart) continues to hold the LADA Granta. For this car the ruble voted 11 095 buyers (+30.7 percent).

It is worth Recalling that the family “Grant” has happened replenishment: AVTOVAZ presented LADA Granta with Cross increased ground clearance and protective plastic moldings on the sides. Sales will start on 12 June.

And as usual, LADA Vesta, who went from the dealers to the buyers in the amount 8818 cars (+14.9 percent), received second place.