Named three products that clog blood vessels

Названы три продукта, которые засоряют сосуды

Diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system are very common, plus they still are among the most dangerous, with regards to mortality.

Almost all problems with the cardiovascular system directly or indirectly connected with nutrition.

If you don’t eat right, then by the 40-50 years you have in the blood vessels can form atherosclerotic plaques.

In order to be healthy, you need to eliminate from your diet harmful products, of which I shall now tell you.

1. Sugar

It turns out sugar is bad not only for your and shape, and it affects not only the position of the needle on the scale, but also on the health of your blood vessels.

Sugar consists of 98% from carbohydrates, and if it enters the digestive system, it is synthesized into glucose, which gives you a boost of strength and energy.

Doctors because of this I advise you to do carbohydrate breakfasts, that was a lot of energy for the day.

But not everything is so rosy, because sugar is a fast carb, and it is too quickly metabolized into glucose, and if it is not used, then it will turn a lipid compound.

And these same compounds turn into fat and clog blood vessels. And plus to all this excess sugar contributes to the formation of small damages the walls of blood vessels.

2. Alcohol

As I think about the harm of alcohol on vessels, and on the whole body, and say nothing, then everything is understood.

I’ll just list the main aspects that are affected by alcohol:

Rises blood pressure

Because of the alcohol in the blood accumulate harmful toxins

Worse starts working nervous system

It turns out a negative impact on the liver

Now some will please! Alcohol in small quantities may even be beneficial, it contributes to better development of blood cells and also for a short period increases the saturation of blood with oxygen.

We are now talking about really small doses, no more than 30-50 ml of red wine per day and no more than 3 times a week.

3. Mayonnaise and similar sauces

And again, for anybody not a secret that modern mayonnaise and sauces a little something useful.

Homemade mayonnaise is much better than the store, but there’s quite a lot of the cholesterol from eggs.

Store same product often consists of palm oil and saturated TRANS fats.

These substances contribute to the accumulation of low-density lipids, and they in turn are deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

Mayonnaise is one of the most harmful products for the heart.