Named TOP 10 movies and TV shows on Netflix for hits in Ukraine (VIDEO)

Названы ТОП-10 фильмов и сериалов на Netflix по просмотрам в Украине (ВИДЕО)

Popular streaming service Netflix publishes constantly updated lists of movies and series that are popular in one country or another.

Thus, the presented TOP 10 most popular films and TV series on Netflix that the most-viewed in Ukraine, according to

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1 – “Nun-warrior”

The series for those who love fantasy and conspiracy theories. The main character, an ordinary girl Ava, who unexpectedly finds herself embroiled in an ancient war mysterious order against the forces of evil.

One day she woke up in the morgue and found superpowers. Of course, Ava wanted answers. The search led her to the order of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society of nuns are warriors sworn to protect the world from evil. Now she has to find a balance between the new role of Savior of humanity and the life of an ordinary teenager.

2 – “Darkness”

This is the first series from Netflix, which filmed in Germany. A beautiful drama with elements of science fiction. The action takes place in the fictional town of Winden (Germany) and tells the stories of four families, which are closely connected with each other and also with the past, present and future of Windex. Town near nuclear power plants and this directly affects the family of the main characters. Especially when children begin to disappear.

The first action of the season takes place in 2019, but it also included the storyline, 1986, 1953, 2052 years and then pop up family secrets, dark past and a mysterious time travel.

The quiet life of INVALIDOV, of Nielsen, Doplerom and CinemaNow falls apart when it becomes apparent the connection between the missing people and history of the city.

3 – “Through the snow”

This is an American post-apocalyptic television series developed by Josh Friedman for TV network TNT on the basis of the same movie and the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Loeb, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette.

The series begins 7 years after the main events, when the whole world is a snow desert, and the survivors are constantly moving train.

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The train, in turn, consists of 1001 of the car and are divided into social classes. It has everything from beautiful images, to “class struggle, social injustice and politics of survival.”

4 – “Eurovision: a History of fire Saga”

It’s a Comedy about the popular music competition, where the main characters – the Duo of Lars and Sigrid from Iceland. They dream to go to Eurovision, but in his native country, nobody likes them. However, to fulfill their dream, they still get the chance.

5 – “a Secret order”

It’s a canadian series that has gathered all the best from the genres of horror and fantasy. The main character is a College freshman Jack Morton learns of the existence of a centuries-old secret organization and becomes a significant figure in the war of werewolves and dark mages.

And then it started heat that will captivate all fans of the genre.

6 – “Paper the house”

Spanish crime drama, which has managed to conquer the whole world. To be more precise, this film is robbery.

The series tells about a group of adventurers led by the Professor, who plan a robbery of the Spanish Royal mint and do it. But how to do?

7 – “Sugar rush”

“Sugar rush” is a Nigerian Comedy film about the criminal actions of 2019. The main character accidentally discovered $800 thousand in the house of a corrupt man, Chef Douglas. In the next couple of days they start to spend some of the money before the mob arrives that wants their money back.

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Spoiler, the girls the money is not found, but the head of the mafia is going to kidnap the sisters, and to return the stolen goods. What happened then?

These are the money for?

8 – “Desperados”

Comedy film about a girl Wesley who is struggling to find a job and a partner. So, she goes on a date with Sean, and he abruptly ends the date due to the too frequent mention of marriage and children. Immediately after this, Wesley meets the perfect Jared and tries to hide his true identity, to tie a relationship with him. What happens?

9 – “Unsolved mysteries”

A semi-documentary series about real cases of intricate disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal collisions, which contributes to this spectacular revival of the iconic documentary series.

10 – “365 DAYS”

Polish-Italian, more hot, and dangerous alternative to “50 shades of grey”, where Massimo Torricelli – a beautiful young boss of the Sicilian mafia family. After the murder of his competitors, he is forced to take on his responsibilities.

Laura Belle Director of sales in a luxury hotel. She’s successful in the profession, but in his personal life lacks passion. Laura makes a last attempt to save the relationship. Together with her fiancé and friends, she flies to Sicily, where Massimo kidnaps her and gives her 365 days, so that Laura loved him.