Names that are truly good people

Имена, которые носят по-настоящему добрые люди

Each of us has a unique character. Due to this people don’t like each other. But scientists came to the conclusion that people with the same names a lot in common.

They have similar traits, so the name can roughly know what is people.

Experts have named a few names, the holders of which are always ready to compromise and literally glow with goodness.


The owners of this name protects the sign Virgo. And it translates from Greek language – “the merciful”. One transfer is enough to call this girl a kind and gentle nature. Anna has a calm nature.

It grows obedient. Will never demand from parents to buy something, if he knows that this is not possible. This girl always forgives the offenders and will not hold them no ill will. She always cares for his family and loved ones.

Ambitious and businesslike. Always ready to help and giving good advice. It is very difficult to find someone who could empathize with Anna. Never give your kids and helps her husband.


All men by this name are very kind and gentle people. This name means “noble” and “generous”. Eugene from all the others is distinguished by its broad mind.

The patron of this sign are Pisces. Therefore, these men are very gentle and soft nature. Of all men they are the most sensitive.

If Eugene gets a call for help, it will certainly have. We can say that it’s a forgiving person who tries to avoid aggression in your way.

Flexibility and patience helps these men to compromise. Spineless can not call them. If need be, Eugene will show what he can do. Never give offense to his loved ones and appreciate real friends. His wisdom helps to get out of unexpected and difficult situations.


This girl is fully justifies its name. “Light” – that’s what it means. Elena is very cheerful person who rarely gets depressed.

This girl tries to be positive, no matter what. If she can’t influence the situation, then just accept it for what it is. Can be closed, but that doesn’t prevent her to have a lot of friends. Her protector Twin.

Due to this, Elena can quickly come together with new people. Most of all this woman cares about his family and friends. These people are the most important in her life. Achieves great success in his career, and colleagues treat Helen with respect.

This woman is distinguished for its natural charm, softness and optimism. Sometimes it can be melancholic, but it must be a substantial reason.


Translating the name Michael is “like God”. This man has many positive qualities. There are almost no negative.

Misha is distinguished by its justice, because he was born under the sign of Libra. Next to him, easily and securely.

We can say that the wife of Michael are very lucky husband. However, the excessive decency does not allow these men to get what they want.