Napoli bounced back, behind Juventus three goals but still lose: video

On Saturday, August 31, in Turin was held the Central match of the second round of the championship of Italy. Juventus took a fierce rival Napoli. Juventus managed to win thanks to an own goal Calida Coulibaly.

Juventus – Napoli 4:3
Goli: Danilo, 16 higuaín, 19, Ronaldo, 62, Coulibaly, 90+2 (ed.) – Manolas, 66, Lozano, 68, Di Lorenzo, 81

The confrontation between Juventus and Napoli in recent times in Italy is the most hot. The reason that the Neapolitans are not the only club who competes with the “Old Signora”. This year’s confrontation stirs the fact that Juventus is headed by the former coach of Napoli, Maurizio Sarri and camp them back ex-striker of the Neapolitans Gonzalo Higuain.

A fiery first half from Juventus

Both teams have dramatically entered the game without any intelligence. 4 minute, Ronaldo received a pass on the corner kick and Coulibaly struck from afar. Meret repulsed fists the impact of the Portuguese. The guests response was quick. Alla close to the penalty area took the ball and immediately shot into the corner. The goalkeeper of “Juventus” made a wonder save.

In the 15th minute, the hosts held an emergency replacement. Danilo was replaced by De sciglio. “There would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped”. First touch Danilo scored after coming on as a substitute. After a corner, Napoli, the hosts ran in quick counterattack. Douglas Costa held the ball to the penalty area, and it seemed that held up the ball. But the Brazilian gave the ball to the center, where was Danilo. Meret parried a shot into his own net.

And three minutes later Juventus doubled their lead. Gonzalo Higuain easily beat Coulibaly in the penalty area and powerfully struck – 2:0.

In the middle half of the role Ronaldo took over Sami Khedira. Wards Surry “unrolled” the defense of the guests, higuaín received the ball in the box and smartly rolled out to Khedira. The German was the one with the ball before the goalkeeper. Meret time out of the gate and managed to reflect blow. After a moment, Khedira almost created a masterpiece. The midfielder in the penalty area received the ball, twisted in place and ran it into the crossbar! With the score 2:0 team left to rest.

Juventus – Napoli – live the best moments of the first half

Incredible comeback, Napoli

It seemed that the head coach of “Napoli” Carlo Ancelotti has failed to cheer up the team during the break. At the start of the second half, Juventus controlled the game and did not allow the Neapolitans to carry out dangerous attacks. Themselves as they increased the lead. On the 62nd minute great Costa Paz found in the penalty area Ronaldo. Portuguese this moment easily converted a strike into the corner – 3:0.

But on 66 minute, “Napoli” resumed the affair. First goal scored by a rookie Napoli Manolas. Kostas scored after a feed from the standard position. Two minutes later, to at least reduce the bill Lozano. Mexican rookie guests completed a pass into the penalty – 3:2.

Juventus managed for some time to stop Napoli and regain control. However, the dangerous moments wards Surry did not create. The Neapolitans, after a pause took over late in the game. And almost the first dangerous moment “Napoli” has become a goal. The third newcomer Napoli Di Lorenzo was locked filing with a penalty kick with 3:3.

But all the efforts of Napoli wiped out in stoppage time, Central defender Khalid Coulibaly. Footballer guests deflected the ball into his own net after a free-kick. 4:3 – Juventus snatched victory in an incredible game.

Juventus – Napoli – live the best moments of the second half