Napoli defeated as Roma at their own game: goals video

"Наполи" разгромил "Рому" на их поле: видео голов

In one of the Central matches of the 29th round of Italian Serie A “Roma” in his field took “Napoli”. And suffered a devastating defeat.

Roma – Napoli 1:4
Goals: Perotti, 45+4 (pen) – Milik, 2, Mertens, 50, Verdi, 55, Younes, 81

Already on 2nd minute of the match the score was opened. Milik escaped the offside trap, received a pass on the course in the penalty area, effectively stopped him heel and fired a powerful shot past the Keeper.

This Roma managed to answer only with a blow N’zonzi head. But the ball went past the gate frame.

Much more the dangerous moments was at Napoli. First Mertens also escaped the offside trap and passed the ball under the blow of Verdi. But the assailant got into the goalie. Subsequently, after passing the Belgian Milik scored. But Abrar recorded the offside player “Napoli”.

Despite this, the half ended with the score tied. Goalkeeper Meret was shot down in his own box Style, and clearly Perotti converted a penalty.

And this goal from the defeat of the “wolves” did not save. In five minutes early in the second half Napoli scored twice. How to score when you throw the ball along the goal line, showed Mertens. He is in-touch completed a pass of Callejón when he ran out from behind the Manolas.

And yet Verdi scored. Ruiz picked up the ball in their half, then given a strike partner. Verdi’s first touch took, and the second a powerful shot Olsen.

Complaining about bad luck as Roma players could in the 74th minute. First powerful shot Cristante. But Meret recaptured the ball. Exactly where stood N Zonzi. The last powerful shot, but the ball hit the crossbar.

Immediately after this came on the pitch Younes. He replaced Verdi. But after seven minutes to set the final score in the match. And if the first blow the goalkeeper was able to block, then finish the ball in the net has not prevented three players from rivals.

Match highlights of the match Roma – Napoli

Napoli wins and secured the second spot. But Roma drops to sixth place in the standings.