NASA announced the test lunar space station

NASA объявило об испытаниях окололунной космической станции

The Agency will test five new prototypes of the environment on the office, near Earth satellite.

NASA declared the test a circumlunar space station, Lunar Gateway, which is designed to provide normal living conditions of the astronauts. The company announced the implementation of the project after the statements of Donald trump. The US President made a loud statement that American astronauts landed on the moon in 2024. Following the statement of the President, NASA announces the launch of the Lunar Gateway in 20-ies of the XXI century. It is planned to hold the first space mission to the station the duration of one month. The number of residential units in the apparatus are constantly increasing.

NASA promised to provide astronauts with a livable place. Lunar Gateway in English means “Moon Gate”. The Americans want to pave the way for Earth’s natural satellite and talking about the beginning of a new era. Their plans include building on the moon industrial enterprises and settlements. First create housing for the scientists and astronauts. Then on the moon will develop the production, there will be educational institutions, will begin to extract minerals. Gradually there will be a family of explorers and deserted territory will start to move.

Possible of the natural satellite of the Earth will make a transit point on the way to Mars. On the moon plan to refuel rockets designed for future space exploration. Not exclude new war over the seizure of territories by satellite. Now the world’s leading countries, with enormous scientific potential is an informal struggle for the mastery of the moon.

At the moment leader of the race is the United States. However, most competition they are China and Russia. Analysts predict that the “star wars” in the future.