NASA astrobiology: Life on Mars will be found in the next 3-4 years

Perhaps mankind will meet with humanoids. To make discoveries that will help of Curiosity’s mission, NASA, InSight and ExoMars 2020.

Астробиолог NASA: Жизнь на Марсе будет найдена в течение 3-4 лет

Vladimir Airapetian, astrobiologist at NASA, believes that over the next 3-4 years on Mars will be found life. Unfortunately, the scientist has a view of is organisms, not humanoid, which assert ufologists and science fiction. Once on Mars was found by a lake, scientists decided to explore the surface of the red planet. In missions it is expected drilling, soil scientists intend to find complex molecules or microorganisms, that’s if you’re lucky. This will be a real breakthrough in the history of mankind.

Astrobiologists argue that the presence of protozoa on the meteorites that fell to Earth, confirms the theory of the existence of life on other planets, even of the simplest class.

Meanwhile, ufologists believe that humanity should long ago should you deal with humanoids, but the authorities deliberately conceal information about them, blanking people’s minds with news about the Martian microorganisms. It is believed that aliens have long been among the people and working with the government, but it’s a secret, believe a lot of conspiracy theorists.

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