NASA confirms planet around the star AU Microscopii

НАСА подтверждает планету вокруг звезды AU Microscopii

Today, the talented team of astrophysicists from the space Agency NASA has demonstrated a new data of his research on the discovery of a new planet orbiting a nearby star by the name of AU Microscopii – the star, prinadlejala to the class of brown dwarfs, is a really interesting specimen to study because it possesses around a huge disc of dust and residual materials that could indicate hidden properties in the formation of planets and stars in General. Thus, the experts were able to indirectly detect the movement of the planets around the main star.

They managed to do with the help of the space telescope Spitzer Space Telescope and the Transition Exoplanet Survey Satellite, thus confirming the earlier proposed the conjecture that the star actually has a planet rotating around it. With regard to the specific data relative to the planet, here we are talking about a relatively old planet, whose age, according to preliminary data, is estimated from 20 to 30 million years, and it needed about a week to make a complete revolution around the star AU Microscopii.

The new discovered planet has already received preliminary designation as AU Mic and b is a really interesting example for the disclosure of certain aspects occurring in the formation of stars and planets of this type – scientists from NASA’s aim to discover some of the relationship between star formation and the change in the ambient atmosphere of such a disk space, since it can retain traces of previous cycles of planetary formation.

On the other hand, to obtain more precise information concerning the formation, properties, and characteristics of the stars and orbiting her planet, professionals need to get as much data from computer simulations – and that in itself presents some difficulties. However, the team continues and in the near future will present something amazing and very useful for the General public.

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