NASA has activated the atomic clock – known cause

NASA активировало атомные часы - известна причина

NASA successfully activated the atomic clock, designed for stand-alone travel in outer space. They were developed at the jet propulsion Laboratory. It is reported ONLINE.UA with reference to

The Agency explained that this watch will allow spacecraft to safely navigate in deep space, without instructions from Earth.

“In the future, they should be placed in a spaceship complete with things that can affect their accuracy and stability. Scientists intend to watch will continue to watch his work, and measure their accuracy to nanoseconds. They were launched in June 2019. Now the device is in Earth orbit and ready for the annual probation work “, – stated in the message.

It is worth noting that atomic clocks measure the distance between objects, defining the time required for passing the signal from one object to another.

NASA is an Agency of the U.S. government, established in 1958 for research in Aeronautics and spaceflight. The headquarters of NASA located in Washington, DC; the main site – at Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space center in Florida.