NASA has chosen a private company for delivery of the Rover on the moon

NASA выбрало частную компанию для доставки вездехода на Луну

NASA has selected Astrobotic to deliver the Rover on the moon the end of 2023. As reported by Spacenews, the device will search for water ice that may be useful in subsequent lunar missions.

NASA and Astrobotic signed a contract in the amount of 199,5 million dollars. The company will deliver to the Earth satellite camera Investigating Polar Volatiles Exploration Rover (VIPER). The agreement was part of a program of Commercial Lunar Payload Services, under which the Agency buys from various companies services for the delivery of useful cargo on the moon.

It is expected that VIPER will be able to work a minimum of 100 earth days in the southern polar regions of the moon. He will look for deposits of water ice that may exist on or under the surface of the moon, in regions that are permanently in the shade. In such regions not receiving direct sunlight, so they could be preserved a sufficient amount of ice.

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