NASA has confirmed the place of the fall of the Indian module “Vikram”, which crashed on the lunar surface

In September, the Indian space research organization reported about loss of communication with the lander “Vikram”, who was supposed to sit on the surface of the moon. Since then, regularly conducted search operations, and now NASA has discovered the crash site of the module.

NASA has confirmed photos of the crash site, “Vikram”, made the intelligence apparatus in the orbit of the satellite.

Who found the module

In fact, the discovery is attributed to astronomer Amateur Sanyasi Subramanian. He is an Indian programmer and mechanical engineer, who noted important differences in the photographs of the surface before and after at the crash site of the lunar module.

The debris thrown off by the impact was quite small. Them you can barely see in the photo taken from orbit. According to NASA, the debris was found, which indicated Subramanian, is located approximately 750 metres from the main crash site.

Last week, the Indian space research organization stated that “Vikram” crashed 500 metres from the planned landing site, but did not take a single photo.

The cause of the accident

It is believed that the accident was caused by an issue in the braking thrusters while the spacecraft “Chandrayaan-2”, which released module, still working on the orbit of the moon, continuing to collect data.

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