NASA has created a three-dimensional map of the moon

В NASA создали трехмерную карту Луны

NASA on its official website unveiled a three-dimensional map of the moon – CGI Moon Kit. Data for this map were collected by the automatic interplanetary station Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

As stated on the official website of NASA, this space station for more than 10 years is in lunar orbit and takes pictures of the moon.

On Board the LRO engineers have placed a camera that was able to save almost the entire visible region of the moon. Topology data of the Month received using a laser altimeter, which is also installed on LRO.

В NASA создали трехмерную карту Луны

Three-dimensional map of the moon

How to create a 3D map? The data obtained Ernie Wright of Studio visualization space flight Center name Goddard NASA has collected in the displacement map (topographical map, where instead of the actual height to change color).

By the way, this three-dimensional map of Earth satellite free download the link.

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