NASA has named the date of the landing of the first man on Mars

В NASA назвали дату высадки первого человека на Марс

Recently NASA unveiled a new space suits for the flight to the moon and Mars. Now, the head of the space Agency Jim Breidenstein at the annual International Astronautical Congress announced the date of the landing of the first man on Mars.

When you go from the first expedition to Mars? During a meeting of heads of space agencies of different countries, asked them the question about the timing of landing a man on Mars, reports Tech Crunch.

According to Jim Bridenstine if all countries will unite to achieve this goal, people will be able to set foot on the surface of Mars by 2035.

If we speed up the landing on the moon, we are accelerating and landing on Mars. If we had enough money, I would have assumed that we will be able to make it to 2035
– said the head of NASA, addressing colleagues from the space agencies of other countries.

Future plans of NASA. The current priority for NASA is the program “Artemis”, in which a group of astronauts sent to the moon in 2024. Until 2028 Jim Breidenstein expects that they will be able to “gain a foothold” on the moon for long-term human presence on the moon.

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