NASA has published pictures of Ganymede, moon of the moons of Jupiter

НАСА опубликовала снимки Ганимеда, спутника-луны Юпитера

Jupiter is one of the most mysterious and interesting planets to explore astrophysicists, because it still conceals much that is new and not well understood, despite the relatively large amount of research data on it. And today your team is responsible for space Agency NASA unveiled to the General public and all the lovers of modern space research, the first highly detailed images of the Northern hemisphere is one of Jupiter’s moons called Ganymede – and the pictures these really are very unusual and valuable, because it offers a new angle for the study of the secrets of Jupiter.

First of all, the main value of these images is that they allow experts to look at atmospheric and geochemical component of Ganymede, the only moon-satellite in our Solar system, has its own magnetic field. In addition, Ganymede has almost no atmosphere as such, and due to this allows the plasma in large amounts literally to bombard its surface. This, in turn, leads to the formation of large amounts of ice on the hemispheres of the planet, and especially in the North, the pictures of which are now NASA first demonstrated, despite the fact that they were captured in December 2019 with the research of the Juno Rover.

This Rover has made the first ever flyby around Jupiter, in turn capturing a lot of very interesting and revealing moments relative to the planet. Now Ganymede is located in the center of focus of researchers from NASA, who found a candidate for the study.

It is worth noting the fact that earlier NASA has repeatedly said that by studying satellites of the planets can often reveal much more useful information than studying the original object itself. That’s why in the nearest time the moon is a satellite of Jupiter, Ganymede remains one of the priority research projects in this context, so it only remains to wait for subsequent news from NASA.

НАСА опубликовала снимки Ганимеда, спутника-луны Юпитера

НАСА опубликовала снимки Ганимеда, спутника-луны Юпитера

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