NASA has released a video with the sounds of seismic activity on Mars

В NASA выпустили видео со звуками сейсмической активности на Марсе

The spacecraft NASA’s InSight recorded a series of sounds on Mars. Data were collected by a highly sensitive tool called SEYS.

As stated on the Agency’s website, the device was able to record 100 sounds, 21 of which are associated with earthquakes on the red planet.

Researchers also suspect that other “mysterious sounds” were also caused by earthquakes, however, are not yet able to prove it.

Video with sounds of seismic activity on Mars

The most significant sounds of the earthquakes were recorded on 22 may and 25 July. It was an earthquake of magnitude 3.7 and 3.3, respectively.

What does this mean? As the scientists explain, this proves that the crust of Mars is a sort of mixture of terrestrial and lunar crust. Seismic waves on Mars last for a few minutes, while on Earth they can last a matter of seconds.

What is InSight?
This spacecraft for the study of temperature anomalies and seismic activity on Mars. He landed on the planet on November 26. The mission will last two years. During this time the apparatus will collect data about the internal structure and composition of Mars.

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