NASA has shown a complete Assembly of the largest space telescope [VIDEO]

NASA показало полную сборку самого большого космического телескопа [ВИДЕО]

For 30 years in Earth orbit is the Hubble space telescope. He made a revolution in science, allowing to see the previously inaccessible stars, quasars and galaxies. But since the launch of the technology’s come a long way, and its capacity is already insufficient for the needs of scientists. Now NASA has announced the completion of more advanced orbital Observatory “James Webb”.

The video shows the final stages of assembling a new telescope. In particular, all the mirrors were connected, and the connected equipment to compensate for gravity. This will help to simulate the environment of weightlessness, in which it will have to run the installation. This will allow you to learn how to behave in the design space.

Space telescope James Webb will be the largest in the history of mankind. The size of the mirror will reach a record 6.5 meters. For comparison, in the “Hubble” has a mirror size of 2.4 meters. In addition to the large dimensions of the new Observatory has a broader wavelength range: from 0.6 to 28.5 microns vs 0.8-2.5 micron at the “Hubble”.

According to astronomers, “James Webb” is able to see the first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang. One of the advantages of the new telescope will be its location. So, the Earth is at a distance of 150 million kilometers from the Sun. The Hubble orbits the Earth at a distance of 570 kilometers and the Moon is 384 400 km. “James Webb” will be located in 1.5 million kilometers from the second Lagrange point, known as L2. Because of this he will become to revolve around the Sun, remaining at the same distance to the Ground.

NASA planned to launch on March 30, 2021.