NASA is a liar: Aliens on the moon were in contact with Americans – ufologist

It received a new confirmation. Extraterrestrial intelligence are also investigating the satellite of the Earth, says UFO researcher

NASA лжёт: Пришельцы на Луне были и контактировали с американцами - уфолог

Aliens from distant worlds was on the moon. Moreover, they were in contact there with the Americans. Now hide this truth more and more comes out. That is, NASA is lying.

Scott Waring, who has long been involved in UFOlogy, I found a video in which the crew of “Apollo-10” comes into contact with one of the aliens.

Its overall structure looks like a human. Extraterrestrial intelligence betrays the presence of large black eyes, which protect built-in lenses.

During the shooting they dropped to protect the eyes from bright flashes.

Waring sure, aliens have long been studying the moon and helped the Americans in her study. Just NASA conceals this fact. But the farther the harder.

Before that, the UFO found on the latest NASA picture of alien construction on the moon. Got on the huge tower, obviously made by extraterrestrial beings.

In addition, in the picture there is another interesting object. UFO researcher believes that this is a huge intergalactic ship. NASA hid this fact.

The theme of aliens in recent years has become increasingly relevant and topical. Humans have too often see in the air strange objects that scientists harder to explain natural phenomena. Something before anything similar was not observed.

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