“NASA is lying!”: Ufologists have noticed the footage of a huge UFO Agency in the Solar system

This object behaved unnaturally for asteroid or any other celestial body.

«NASA врёт!»: Уфологи заметили на кадрах агентства огромный НЛО в Солнечной системе

In the Solar system ufologists noticed a huge mysterious UFO. The space researchers have discovered a mysterious object on the frame of the National aerospace Agency of USA (NASA). In this case, the Agency deny that it is a alien spacecraft or other celestial body.

As you know, frames were transmitted to Earth on August 9 machine STEREO SOHO, studies the processes occurring in the Solar system. NASA experts examined in detail the record and said that it could be dust or a broken pixel on the camera. At the same time, ufologists firmly stand your ground and believe that the US government hide from the public the truth about the alien mind.

“NASA is lying!”, – say independent experts, which conducted its own investigation and published it online. The opinion of users who viewed a video were split. Someone agree with the position NASA and believes that a UFO actually made a mistake, and someone stood in opposition to the Agency demanding to uncover the truth.

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