NASA is preparing an interesting project about the moon: what do we know

NASA готовит интересный проект о Луне: что об этом известно

NASA took the initiative to collect people’s memories of the time when astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, and to tell where they were in the summer of 1969. The space Agency is preparing for the 50th anniversary of the mission “Apollo-11” – the celebration will begin July 20, and part of that preparation is asking the public to send recordings of memories about a historic event.

NASA plans to use some of the entries in your projects in social networks and in the framework of the planned “autoserial” dedicated to the exploration of the moon and missions “Apollo”.

Oral histories about the event from people who were directly involved in the mission, is already there. NASA’s huge archive of interviews with participants in the missions and programs for many years. For example, the transcript of the interview with Neil Armstrong takes 106 pages. But this project is focused on collecting experiences of ordinary people who were bystanders.

Here is a video offering from NASA:

According to NASA, about 530 million people watched the live broadcast of the first landing on the moon. Some of them were too young to remember this, a lot of people could die in five decades, but still remains a significant number of people who remember the event and ready to talk about it. In addition, the Agency accepts and memories about the era of missions “Apollo” 1960-1972 years.

To record for your project is quite simple. Instructions NASA suggest that people will use a smartphone to record their memories and answer each question not exceeding two minutes. Then you just need to send the entry by e-mail: [email protected] , together with the name and city in which you live.

NASA готовит интересный проект о Луне: что об этом известно

Scientists from NASA have already started working on the project

Along with instructions for recording NASA has a short list of proposed questions, for example: “What do you study?” or “When I think about the moon, what comes to mind?”, or “Where were you when humans first walked on the moon? Describe who you were, what you were thinking, what prevailed around the atmosphere and that you felt?”, or “do you Remember what you talked about space in school? If Yes – then what?”.

The public will be able to hear these stories in the summer of 2019, when the end will present a project titled “the Researchers NASA: Apollo”.

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