NASA: Lakes of Alaska and Siberia will accelerate the death of the Earth

Increasing the concentration of atmospheric methane will be the beginning of irreversible processes on the planet, warns an expert.

NASA: Озера Аляски и Сибири ускорят гибель Земли

Environmentalists NASA, studying the layers of the waterways, decided to check their guesses and hypotheses in the permafrost. It turned out that lake Alaska Siberia will accelerate the death of the Earth and can make our planet uninhabitable. In view of this, the researchers decided to show people what the consequences can cause this scenario. The concentration of atmospheric methane from melting permafrost is not only in the process of slow defrosting of the soil on the surface, but also as a result of sudden processes in the formation of thermokarst lakes.

In the scientific journal Nature Communications, NASA experts have described the whole process and warned that before the end of 2018, the process has worsened and will get a new round of escalation, which in the future will become a threat to people. Previously, geologists from the United States and Germany showed the melting of glaciers and warned of a possible threat to humanity. At the moment the situation is stable, dangerous, and requires radical intervention.

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