NASA launched a satellite search for the secret Nibiru – UFO

The Agency has classified the expedition into space, linking it with the need to monitor glaciers.

NASA запустили спутник для тайного поиска Нибиру – уфологи

Nibiru is studied in all leading laboratories of the developed countries. The presence of heavy-duty microscopes and hypotheses do not give accurate answers to the questions posed by science. The eruption of volcanoes, tsunamis, development of solar activity and flare associated with the approach of the mysterious planet Nibiru. According to official data, the unknown planet not looking.

Her whereabouts remains a mystery, but ufologists are sounding the alarm. They secretly guess NASA looking for Nibiru. On the eve of the Kosmos satellite was launched by NASA, designed to accurately measure changes in the ice shields of the earth, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation. This was told in the Agency.


NASA запустили спутник для тайного поиска Нибиру – уфологи

Nibiru can be felt, not to see conspiracy theorists

The end of the world approaching, but the people deny their terrible feelings referring to magnetic storms, say the ufologists.

However, this version do not believe ufologists. According to them, the Delta 2 rocket carrying ICESat-2, rose air force base Vandenberg at 6.02 am local time on Saturday and headed over the Pacific ocean not for the described purpose.

The Director of the division of earth science, NASA Michael Freilich says that the mission will be to advance knowledge about how ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica contribute to sea level rise. According to NASA, only the melting of these ice sheets raised global sea level by more than 1 millimeter per year in recent years.

The mission is the successor to the original satellite Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation, which operated from 2003 to 2009. According to ufologists, NASA launched a satellite search for the secret Nibiru. This will use a system launched satellite, ICESat-2 laser altimeter.

In addition to ice, other dimensions of the satellite, such as the tops of the trees, the snow height and the height of the rivers can help in the study of the amount of carbon stored in forests, and in planning for floods and droughts and, among other things, the study of the behavior of forest fires. If the version of the UFO is correct, then NASA may possess unique information about Planet X Nibiru, which was noticed some of the Terrans in the sky.

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