NASA may have problems with the mission on the asteroid Bennu

У NASA могут быть проблемы с миссией на астероиде Бенну

From NASA spacecraft Osiris-Rex will encounter difficulties while collecting the samples on the asteroid Bennu. The probe should touch the surface of a celestial body in 2020.

NASA reported that the asteroid is covered with boulders, and on the surface there is no significant flat spots. Therefore, the probe will be more difficult to collect rock samples.

“There is a more durable surface than we expected,” – said the head of the mission, Dante Lauretta.

But scientists hope that Osiris-Rex will be able to find a place to collect samples.

What about the mission?Osiris-Rex reached the asteroid in December of last year. In July 2020, the probe touches the surface of the asteroid. He needs to contact our flat area of the asteroid with a size of not less than 50 m. After collecting the material he will return to Earth – roughly in 2023.

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