NASA prepares to fight asteroids: mission

NASA готовится к борьбе с астероидами: детали миссии

NASA and the European space Agency announced the preparation of a joint project for the prevention of collision of asteroids with Earth. To change the orbit of “flying stones” scientists want to use the good old kinetic energy smashing them on the surface of the spacecraft.

The details of the experiment. “Testing ground” for testing apparatus DART will become a satellite of the asteroid Didim, elongated orbit which crosses the orbits of Earth and Mars, according to Science Alert.

The mission objective is to test whether the impact of the spacecraft to deflect the trajectory of the satellite of asteroid with a size of about 160 meters in diameter. The trajectory rotates around the 780-meter-long “big brother” with a period of 11.92 hours.

Today we are the first people in history who have technology that could potentially deflect the asteroid away from impact on the Earth,
– said astronomer Ian Carnell from the European space Agency.

Prospects. It is expected that the collision at a speed of 23 760 kilometers per hour “slow” miniature space standards the facility is only a centimeter per second. But a lot more scientists are interested in how this strike will affect its trajectory.

In the future, even a small deviation at a sufficient distance from the Ground to help “push” potentially dangerous object at a sufficient distance from the planet.

Risks. The researchers note that even in the case of a failed experiment is no problem, the asteroid the Earth will not deliver his route will pass at a safe distance from its orbit.

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