NASA showed extreme testing of the new Mars Rover [VIDEO]

NASA показало экстремальное тестирование нового марсохода [ВИДЕО]

July 17 this year, the new NASA Rover, called Perseverance (Perseverance), set out to conquer the Red planet. The experts conducted a lot of tests to verify its readiness for the mission. Now the space Agency decided to demonstrate all these things to the public.

The engineers of the space Agency needs to be sure that the new Rover will cope with all the difficulties that await him on another planet. First, they conducted tests to understand if I can withstand the landing. After that test passed separate parts and the entire system. During testing, the Rover was subjected to solar radiation, high temperatures in vacuum conditions and even the impact sound. There was a separate checking of all arrangements.

In conclusion, it was necessary to verify that the Rover is able to move independently, without the problems of overcoming obstacles of the Martian soil. Left without checking and the camera, which will allow not only to study the surface of a distant planet, but also to control the Rover from Earth.

As expected, the Perseverance will sit on Mars 18 Feb 2021, where he, along with the Curiosity will continue its search for water, minerals, and life on the red planet.