NASA showed how moving solar wind: video

В NASA показали как движется солнечный ветер: видео

Solar probe Parker, which launched July 31, 2018, NASA passed 22 GB of scientific data about two of the start of the span at the Crown of the Sun. Based on this information, researchers created a visualization of the motion of the solar wind.

Video posted on the official website of NASA. Video contains data collected in the period from 6 to 10 November 2018. The sun was placed in the left side of the frame, and the white strip is moving from our star particles, which is called the solar wind.

By the way, August 27, will span around a star to collect data. And the third period will start on 1 September.

Moving solar wind: video

What about Parker?
This is a mission by NASA to study the outer corona of the Sun. The unit should be close to the solar surface at a distance of 8.86 radius of the Sun (6.2 million km).

The probe has already collected some scientific data and has set records among artificial objects, such as speed of motion and proximity to the Sun.

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