NASA showed the new lunar space suit

NASA показало новый "лунный" космический скафандр

Space Agency NASA has started to accept applications for the creation of a new type of space suit to fly to the moon and Mars. Requirements to the equipment of the astronauts is quite high, so the Agency turned for help to third-party developers and published its vision “space suits”.

The order for the development of ammunition for future participants of the lunar program NASA has posted on the official procurement website of the United States to assess the cost and availability of necessary materials, reports SlashGear.

The purpose of the suit. In the Annex to the document specifies the purpose of the suit is participation in the mission “Artemis” of the landing on the moon and eventually to Mars.

NASA показало новый "лунный" космический скафандр

NASA presented the project space suit for missions to the moon

Features ammunition. According to the draft, every suit should be unique and created individually for each astronaut. This will involve the technology of 3D body scanning to ensure maximum comfort and convenience equipment.

NASA показало новый "лунный" космический скафандр

NASA plans to make high-tech suits for a mission to the moon

To create this costume also need a set of electronic components from the life support systems to the wireless modules. The suit will communicate with the spacecraft, which, in turn, will provide information to the pilot and ground control center.

The date of the landing on the moon. Note, the first flight of American astronauts landing on the moon is scheduled for 2024.

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