NASA space suits for lunar mission the Artemis projects artificial intelligence

Скафандры NASA для лунной миссии Artemis проектирует искусственный интеллект

Скафандры NASA для лунной миссии Artemis проектирует искусственный интеллект

In 2019, NASA presented a space suit that is designed for the astronauts under alleged landing on the moon in 2024. xEMU or Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit represents the first major upgrade of a space suit for the last 40 years.

NASA said that one of the most important improvements was the portable life support system xEMU. It has a Astro backpack that manages power, communications, oxygen and temperature control of the suit.

What is artificial intelligence

For the first time in the history of some of the components of the life support system of astronauts will be developed using systems based on artificial intelligence technology. Relevant work is carried out in Jacobs, a large engineering firm, based in Dallas. Engineers decided to use software for designing based on artificial intelligence that will be able to offer new design elements of the suit of the astronauts.

In the framework of generative design will offer a set of requirements to the maximum component size, weight, which it must withstand, and temperature effects, which it will be subjected.

Developed is simultaneously generative network and genetic algorithm. The latter generates several designer models, combines them and selects the best options of new generation. After that, the operation is repeated. Engineers say that “SHE challenges preconceptions and allows you to see new solutions, which did not exist previously.”

Specifications xEMU

Earlier it became known that xEMU for up to eight hours of battery life, and can work for about an hour in emergency situations. It can be operated at temperatures from -157° C to + 121° C. the Astronauts will be able to jump, walk, bend and work with fingers in the suit.

At the end of June NASA announced the start of a new research project in which can participate any inventor, engineer or space enthusiast, given the youth at the age of 18. The aim of the project is to create convenient, compact and multifunctional device for the collection and processing of human waste on the moon.

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