NASA was struck by the network of new photo from Jupiter

NASA поразило сеть новым фото с Юпитера

The NASA website has published new photos of the clouds of Jupiter, which made the device “Juno” and immediately transmitted to Earth. The picture depicts a region located in the Northern hemisphere of the gas giant. Clouds surround the vortex, called Jet N6, reports ONLINE.UA.

It is noted that “Juno” made the February 12, during 18 of rapprochement with Jupiter. Then the distance between the apparatus and the peak of the clouds of the planet was $ 13 thousand kilometers.

As you know, the station launched on 5 August 2011. It is part of the program, New Frontiers. “Juno” is the first ever spacecraft to make a flyby of the planet through its pole.

The station will stay in orbit around Jupiter for some time. After completion the probe will be destroyed. To “Juno” on the orbit of Jupiter worked the probe Galileo.

Recall that Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system. Its mass is twice the mass of all other planets, moons, comets and asteroids in our system combined. A distinctive feature of Jupiter are swirling bands of clouds, which are formed under the influence of very fast rotation of the gas giant around its axis.

For scientists still remains a mystery how deep to the surface of the planet to pass these clouds. It is believed that the so-called Great red spot – a huge storm on Jupiter, discovered on the surface in 1664, constantly reduced and reduced in size. But even now, this massive storm system exceeds the size of the Earth approximately two times.