NASA will send a space telescope to study the origins of the Universe

NASA отправит в космос телескоп для изучения истоков появления Вселенной

NASA announced a new mission, which involves the launch of the space telescope SPHEREx. The program will take approximately $242 million, and one of its purposes is to study the history of the Universe up to the moment of its occurrence.

After the withdrawal of the SPHEREx orbit the telescope will gather a lot of data. He is going to examine the 300 million galaxies, some of which are 10 billion light years from Earth and about 100 billion stars in the milky way.

The global challenge of SPHEREx – to find signs of water and organic molecules. They are considered necessary items for the presence of life. At the same time, NASA hopes to better understand how appeared and changed the universe. The launch telescope is planned in 2023.