Nasalik annexed “East mine” from the case Martynenko “Energoatom”

Насалик присоединил "Восточный ГОК" из дела Мартыненко к "Энергоатому"

The energy Ministry has decided to reorganize the SE “Eastern mining and processing plant” by joining of GP “NAEK Energoatom”.

This is stated in the order, which was available to the EP.

The document was signed by Minister of energy Igor Nasalik.

The order comes into force simultaneously with the decree of the Cabinet on the negotiations.


20 APR 2017 detectives NABOO and SAP prosecutors detained the former head of the Parliament Committee on fuel and energy complex Martynenko as part of an investigation into the theft of funds of GP “VostGOK” in the procurement of uranium concentrate.

According to SAP, from 2013 to 2016 criminal organization, which allegedly included Martynenko, caused the budget of 17.28 million dollars damage.

The accused is charged with misappropriation of another’s property by abuse of official position (part 5 of article 191 of the criminal code), legalization of proceeds of crime (part 3 of article 209 of the criminal code) and the creation of a criminal organization (part 1 of article 255 of the criminal code).

In January, in Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev for the first time showed documents showing that the former people’s Deputy Mykola Martynenko is the owner of the offshore companies that received kickbacks from “Energoatom” total sum of 6.5 million euros.

“Such cases are: Martynenko vs NABOO. Six months later”

“Under the gun of Europe. In any Affairs abroad appears Martynenko”

Насалик присоединил "Восточный ГОК" из дела Мартыненко к "Энергоатому"

Насалик присоединил "Восточный ГОК" из дела Мартыненко к "Энергоатому"