Nasdaq made the biggest reference for cryptocurrency

Nasdaq сделала самый большой реферанс для криптовалют

The Nasdaq led the round of series B funding of $20 million in financial blockchain company that will probably be the largest game company in the cryptocurrency space to date.

This happened immediately after the General Director of the Friedman Nasdaq adena (Adena Friedman) expressed the company’s commitment to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain this week. It may also mean that Nasdaq will create a platform for issuing and trading securities tokenzone.

Company Nasdaq Ventures led the round of funding, blockchain startup Symbiont in 2015 and joined Citi Ventures, Galaxy Digital and Raptor Group.

Symbiont Nasdaq describes as “a key partner”, which will have the benefit of developing applications on the blockchain the platform and the smart contract of the company. According to a recent release:

The Assembly provides an opportunity for new participants to enter the market of digital assets and offers existing members an excellent infrastructure on which to build the future of financial markets.

Nasdaq will use the platform for “exploring new business opportunities” with clients who are looking for smart contracts and decisions for tokenization.

The head of the company Nasdaq Ventures Harry Oftener (Gary Offner) said that its investments “are helping to build our future market infrastructure, which is used in more than 100 markets around the world.”

Realizing this, as well as maintaining unique institutional application of the blockchain, this latest investment:

Will include integration of corporate blockchain and intelligent platform Symbiont in the financial structure of the Nasdaq.

Thanks to a partnership Symbiont and Nasdaq, the latter can move quickly to the creation of the securities for customers, and for trading. On plans for Symbiont, there is talk in the last few months.

Symbiont co-founder and CEO of the company mark Smith (Mark Smith) hints about future plans. He says the investment is “a huge opportunity to travel around the world with Nasdaq”. And to provide ways to “acquire and exercise new tools” to smart contract Symbiont.

In December, the company Nasdaq Ventures joined Fidelity within the framework of a financing round of $27.5 million to Finance cryptocurrency exchanges ErisX. Distribution of funding was not disclosed and although the Nasdaq has participated in the investment, it seems, was not the main sponsor. Partnership Symbiont could be the largest financial obligation the Nasdaq for the nascent cryptocurrency and blokey sector.

In addition to talking about the fact that Nasdaq will make the transition to offers of securities. Nasdaq is also working with the company VanEck on plans for implementation of new futures based on bitcoin for the US market in early 2019. Despite the delay of these plans, Nasdaq and VanEck agree with the Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) and the CFTC feels the effects of partial closure of the Federal government of the United States.

In July 2018, already working on the technology for the Nasdaq in a few cryptocurrency exchanges, the company has held talks behind closed doors to discuss the future of cryptocurrency. General Director adena Friedman said that he believes this is the next correct step in the foreign exchange space.

Recently, Friedman has expressed a commitment to Nasdaq for crypto-currencies:

The invention itself is a great demonstration of genius and creativity, and deserves the opportunity to find a decent future in our economy.

Friedman believes that the digital currency will have a significant “role in the future.” She emphasized the technological offer of the Nasdaq for cryptographic players and its investment in ErisX as examples:

In the Nasdaq, we are working to gain the trust of investors to cryptocurrency through the implementation of its trading technology and integrity.

We can assume the probability that in 2019, you may receive the platform for tokenizing securities from Nasdaq.