Nasser al-Attiyah won the Dakar rally 2019

Нассер Аль-Аттия выиграл ралли Дакар 2019

Carlos Sainz (Mini) won СУ10, but Nasser al-Attiyah (Toyota) is the absolute leader of the rally-marathon “Dakar” in a class vnedorojnikov (CAR): summarized the results of the final stage Dakar-2019.

RACING.RU, January 17, 2019 – the Final stage 41 of the rally, the Qatari finished in 12th place in 9 minutes after the winner of the day. СУ10 al-Attiyah held a relaxed, risk-free and secured their 3rd victory in the rally with great advantage in 46 minutes, 42 seconds over Nani Roma (Mini) and almost two hours advantage over professional ralista Sebastian Loeb (Peugeot).

All three of his victories Nasser issued driving jeeps of different brands in 2011 for Volkswagen in 2015 – the Mini and now Toyota.

In Dakar-2019 al-Attiyah led the race from day one. However, the second day he had tight: stuck in the Sands of the ICA, he lost a lot of time and finished only 11-m, and then fell to 8th place in the General CAR. But the next day regained the lead in the standings SUVs, and never give any chance to rivals.

Denis Krotov team MSK Rally Team have successfully finished and got up to 15th position in the General classification of SUVs.

The long-suffering crew Robie Gordon, which was written off due to an error a few days ago, still remained in the ranks. Having lost a total of more than 72 hours, its buggy TEXTRON WILDCAT XX got to finish 47th out of 52 crews managed to finish the race at the moment.

Final results Dakar rally-2019 in the CAR class:

1. Nasser Al-Attiyah/Matthew Baumel (Toyota) – 34:38.14

2. Nani Roma/Alex Haro (Mini) +0:46.42

3. Sebastien Loeb/Daniel Elena (Peugeot) +1:54.18

4. Jakub Przygonski/Volume Salsoul (Mini) +2:28.31

5. Cyril Despres/Jean-Paul Kottre (Mini) +2:48.43

15. Denis Krotov/Dmytro Tsyro (Mini) +9:58.38

52. Alex Aguirregabiria/Jordi Kamalanga (Toyota) +488:48.34

Нассер Аль-Аттия выиграл ралли Дакар 2019