Nasty in the sea to go – beaches in Primosale and Berdyansk is littered with the mess of jellyfish (video)

Противно в море заходить - пляжи в Примпосаде и Бердянске усеяны кашей из медуз (видео)

Clear, purple, white – they covered the entire coastline. Go to the sea is simply impossible. So look some of the beaches in Berdyansk and Primosale. There are jellyfish in some places and in Kyrylivka.

Director of the Azov national Park Dmitry Volovik on his page on FB shared a video showing the scale medeuskogo rampant. It looked like July 3 beach on the Berdyansk spit Belosarayskaya Gulf.

Invasion of jellyfish in the sea of Azov, the scientists cite several reasons: climate change – global warming, as a consequence of the increasing salinity of the Azov sea.

Winter, as we have all noticed in the Zaporozhye region became much warmer and the heat comes earlier than usual. In the winter from the cold most of the jellyfish are dying out, and usually they come from the Black sea to the middle of the summer. But for several years in Ukraine are warm winter, the Azov sea not covered by ice and jellyfish in large quantities to survive. As a result, they begin to multiply, and all this leads to the “walls” of the jellyfish around the entire coastline.

Jellyfish that are found in the sea of Azov, is not dangerous if you do not have allergies, and if she stung you in the eye, groin area. However curious I do not advise taking them together. At the bottom of the jellyfish are stinging cells that can sting.

First of all, the place needs to be washed out of sea or salt water – not fresh. And also you can lubricate the bite of ammonia.

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