“Nasty steering wheel and premium stuff”: the Pros and cons of KIA Sportage 2016 revealed blogger

«Противный руль и премиальные мелочи»: Плюсы и минусы KIA Sportage 2016 раскрыл блогер

Obzorschik showed the shortcomings of the “Korean” inherent in the cheapest cars, but also talked about the fact that the crossover took over from expensive cars.

Blogger Senya Pozniak on the same YouTube channel showed a story highlighting the pros and cons of KIA Sportage 2016. For consideration taken FWD car in one of the primary specifications with atmospheric engine 1.6 i in conjunction with 6-manual transmission. The car for 2.5 years drove 35 thousand miles.

According to the blogger discussed the car was sold not only with atmospheric 1.6 and 2-litre unit and a turbocharged 1.6 engine. However, a good option obzorschik believes it is “aspirated”, as it is simple in design and it is nothing to break. In addition, this engine provides the car enough traction for normal driving. “Cheap” minus KIA Sportage can be considered a very thin metal of the car body. When the blogger tapped my fingers on the fender of the car, the sound was like banging on a tin can. Also I heard the sound of thin metal when you close the hood of the crossover.

Speaking about the cons of KIA Sportage 2016, the blogger also warned that the cheapest grade crossover has a plastic wheel at a time as the second package SUV already has the leather steering wheel. But because obzorschik advises on buying the cheapest version “Sportage”, in order to comfortably control the car and not to hold “smelly plastic”.

Despite the cons, the crossover KIA Sportage has a “premium stuff”. For example, the handles on the ceiling – if they delay, then smoothly go back into place and not pop. Positive emotions cause slow opening of the eyeglass case above the driver’s place, the torpedo is made of soft plastic, good insulation of the cabin. And yet, salon mirror of the SUV has the function of autodetermine.

The blogger also noted that the road crossover 2016 KIA Sportage has a smooth motion that creates a feeling of comfort, because the car is quiet even at high speeds. Despite the softness of the suspension, the SUV holds the road well and the blogger concluded that “total comfort” discussing machine lacks automatic transmission.

«Противный руль и премиальные мелочи»: Плюсы и минусы KIA Sportage 2016 раскрыл блогер

«Противный руль и премиальные мелочи»: Плюсы и минусы KIA Sportage 2016 раскрыл блогер