Nastya Ivleva was in “purgatory” Peacemaker

Настя Ивлеева попала в «чистилище» Миротворца

Presenter will pay for last year’s vacation in the Crimea for three years.

Today, the state border service of Ukraine has launched a TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva directly at the Kiev airport when passing the border control, and didn’t let in the country. In a press-service of the Ministry reported that the Instagram star was in “purgatory” Peacemaker to three years for “Deliberate violation of the State border of Ukraine with purpose of penetration into the occupied by Russian invaders of Crimea. Participation in attempts to legalize the annexation of the Crimea”. Today, the celebrity arrived on a flight from Minsk.

She confirmed that in 2017, had actually visited the Peninsula, and in the Crimea departed from the Russian capital, and not stopping to Kiev back to Moscow. At the time this was announced by the controversial journalist Anatoly Shary, who published a provocative video with Nastya in the Russian Peninsula. Then the Ukrainian government did not respond to Ulevoi vicinity of Sudak, from which many have decided that the leading “eagle and Tails” has received special permission from the government of the country, but today it became clear that the Russian citizen arrived there “illegally”. She will not be able to visit Ukraine on February 5, 2022. Video blogger has not commented on the ban.

She became the 91st person included in the list only in 2019.