Nastya Kamensky told how to prepare for physical exercise and complete it

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who performs under the pseudonym NK, quarantined conducting an online workout from home. Celebrity told me how to prepare for exercise to be effective, and what to do after them.

Nastya Kamensky, being quarantined, don’t forget about the importance of sports and keep fit and in good condition. Star each morning conducts training live and gives tips to the audience. NK also told how to behave before and after school, to give the desired result. The actress said that the training and recovery is no less important than the exercises themselves.

Anastasia noted that inappropriate training of the body is characterized by a sport, as something negative, then he is experiencing pain and is tired. In this case, classes will not give any result.

Tips effective workout from Nastya Kamenskih:

  • Do not start the exercise immediately after waking. The body needs time to adjust from rest to a state of readiness to load. I love to run and train in the morning but Wake up at least an hour before.
  • Definitely needs a workout. Non-trained muscles can not be trained. It may cause severe injuries and severe delayed onset muscle soreness even from simple exercises.
  • After a workout, stretching is required. It removes muscle tension, which strain the joints, which is dangerous.
  • Sleeping enough. During sleep the body recovers and produces hormones that influence fat burning, the metabolism and strengthen muscles. One of the reasons why you are not losing weight, it may be that you sleep a little.
  • Drink water. For all this is advice, but how many of you drink enough clean water? This is your elasticity of skin, no cellulite, durable vessels and heart.