Natalia Korolevska: Today it is necessary to change the agenda by putting people in charge of the peace process

Наталия Королевская: Сегодня нужно изменить повестку дня, поставив защиту людей во главу мирного процесса

This was stated by peoples Deputy Natalia Korolevska on air of the political show “Ukrainian format” on the TV channel NewsOne.

“Today, to unify the country and achieve peace you need to start a complicated diplomatic process and to achieve implementation of the Minsk agreements by all parties to the conflict. It is necessary to begin debate in the community about reintegration, elections, peacekeepers, Amnesty. After all, every day, for five years in the East are suffering and dying people – military, civilians, children… it is Time to finish with political slogans “Who loves Ukraine”, and enter specific action plan. Today, the world is our country needed as never before”, – said the politician.

According to Natalia Korolevska, the present government is typical of populism, giving empty promises and “zagovorila” the theme of peace, profiting from the war.

“Over the past five years, we can conclude – the work of this incompetent government has led to the fact that the conditions of life of Ukrainian citizens has only worsened. The fighting is not stopped, the majority of people were in poverty, and the war turned into a tool of enrichment… Need to stop this mockery of the people, to restore justice and to return the country to peace. And we have a chance of presidential elections, which will not only change the people in power, but will also change the agenda by putting people in charge of the peace process,” – said Natalia Korolevska.