Natalia Mogilevskaya mention the status of the bride: details

During a conversation with journalists, the singer explained why in her oeuvre now so many men. According to star, every girl in the status of your bride’s remorselessly to consider other men. However, all fans will shatter, and your heart will show the way to only one.

After the premiere of the song “I Pochala”, which only reinforced the recognition of the feelings for the beloved, continues unabated attention to personal life Natalia Mogilev. She recently spoke at the concert recording of the Christmas program “Hey, the 20s”, which will be premiered on the evening of 31 December on TV channel “Ukraine”. With reporters, she shared juicy details and hinted at the status of the bride.

His performance with the song “I Pochala” star compared with the vast elements of ocean. In her dance numbers lately, taking part in only boys. Natalia Mogilevskaya found justification for such a decision.

The only time a woman when she is legally has the right to consider other men as brides. Before that it is impossible – it’s too early and then too late – you’re married. And your bride or pancake day or Midsummer you can legitimately consider and say I like it or not, you can even choose. This is the time when you can kiss on the cheek, to talk about their values. And probably this idea is to consider the different men to choose one
– admitted people’s artist of Ukraine.

Assume that a man who blessed and inspired the singer became a landscape designer and musician Vlad Katsyuba. He often appears in instagram-the celebrity stories and even became the protagonist of her video for the song “I Pochala”.

Watch the clip to the song Natalia Mogilev “I have pakkala”: video