Natalia Radkovskiy awarded for the support of the military-Patriotic movement in the country

Наталья Радковская награждена за поддержку военно-патриотического движения страны

In December last year at the awarding ceremony of the rating “National recognition – “Odessit of the year” 2019 awarded singer, composer, TV presenter and honored artist of pop art of Ukraine Natalia Rudkovskoy for contribution to the strengthening of military-Patriotic and volunteer movements in the country.

Natalia is known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. You know, as a woman, creative and talented, successful and dedicated to their job and country. At that time, as the patriots went on to defend the independence of Ukraine, raising of the volunteer movement and support our guys, the defenders have become an important part of life Natalia. Together with fellow artists Natalia organized a special concert program, which traveled all military units, and even sang on the flagship “Hetman Sahaidachny”.

Everywhere she was greeted with enthusiasm, with joy and sincere gratitude. These brave men who risk their lives for the peace and tranquility of the whole country is very important to feel and know they are not forgotten not betrayed, they are proud and waiting at home.