Natalia Vodianova has launched a campaign in defense of menstruation

Наталья Водянова запустила кампанию в защиту менструации

Supermodel offers to cease to be considered “these days” something shameful.

Natalia Vodianova some time ago launched a campaign “Let’s talk about menstruation!”.

Supermodel believes that since “these days” – a phenomenon faced by half the population (i.e. all women), and to gloss over it, no meaning, no need.

In addition, Vodianova said that it intends to invest in a smartphone app, which allows women to assume the cycle to mark the days of menstruation and ovulation to better monitor your health.

“Let’s not hide, ignore, do not need hypocritical neglect or on the contrary excessive wrap obviously important topic that affects the lives and health of women every month – I’m talking about MENSTRUATION. It is an integral part of female nature, the part that forms the origin of a new life,” – said the mother of many children Natalia Vodianova on his page in Instagram.

This is not the first statement Natalia Vodianova on the topic. About a year ago, she launched a flash mob, one of the first pictures taken with a clean pad. notes that in 2019 the award “Oscar” for best documentary short film won picture of destigmatization menstruation in one of the most dense in this sense, countries in India.

It is noteworthy that in the original the film is called “Period. End of Sentence,” that is, “Period. The end of condemnation” and in Russia it is shamefully (and completely incorrectly) translated as “Point. The end of the sentence” – so that to understand what a movie is impossible.

In Russia, of course, to buy a gasket (or much more environmentally friendly menstrual Cup) can afford almost every woman, but this time in her life, remains under the ban and cover shame.

Judging by the polls and the private stories, more than a dozen years ago, the girls learned about how to change their body, but rather from conversations with girls and high school girls than mothers and other older relatives. For some unknown reason, talking about it almost did not made so far.

Наталья Водянова запустила кампанию в защиту менструации

Наталья Водянова запустила кампанию в защиту менструации