Natasha’s mother Queen appeared in public in “edible” hat

Мама Наташи Королевой появилась на публике в «съедобной» шляпе

In the capital recently held a concert “a Good song”, which became the leading Natasha Koroleva and her mother Lyudmila Poryvai.

73-year-old woman flew from Miami to Moscow to help her daughter to the event. For the release of Lyudmila chose a short bodycon dress fuchsia and unusual hat, which quickly came up with a witty title – “borscheva set”.

The fact that the original headdress was an arrangement of artificial leaves, onions, carrots and beets.

According to Natasha, this masterpiece of art for my wife’s mother hand-made the son – Sergey Glushko, who is crazy about her borscht. “With my own hands son-in-law mother-in-law made the exclusive headgear! So the color of borscht on the head of my Mom appeared borscheva set in the form of spectacular hats! Our merry little family burns!”- wrote Natasha Koroleva in his Instagram.

Fans of the star of the family was clearly not happy with the outfit Lyudmila Poryvai, as many know her as the Honored artist of Ukraine and conductor of choral Cappella “Svitoch”. However, the woman apparently did not bother “borscheva set” on her head and she willingly posed for photographers. It is worth noting that at the event, the mother of the singer managed to show the audience another unusual hat, the truth is more modest, made in the form of a rose Bud.

Recall the last time the woman together with her older daughter and grandchildren live in Miami. Due to the gregarious nature Lyudmila know well Russian-speaking residents of the city. However, there it is considered a local solo entertainer, if not a freak. They say that simplicity is Poryvai a few scares people. Because a woman can easily approach a stranger and start a pleasant conversation with him.