National Bank launches electronic payment system in the new regime

Нацбанк запускает систему электронных платежей в новом режиме

The system of electronic payments (Sep) the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) passes to the advanced work schedule mode 23/7 with 3 Aug.

The corresponding decision No. 408 of 18 June 2020 was made by the Board of the NBU.

Short and to the point Telegram

As the press service of the regulator, the system will be available for interbank payments 23 hours a day, 7 days a week (23/7).

“This innovation will make it possible to conduct time-sensitive payments as well as contribute to the expansion of client access to financial services and an increase in the share of cashless payments”, – stated in the message.

The NBU has announced the transition of the payment infrastructure on an international standard

Pre-operation start BOT mode 23/7 planned within 30 calendar days after completion of the quarantine.

“This was due to the understanding of the difficulties that have arisen from the staff of the banks due to limitations. On the contrary, today in Ukraine the implemented adaptive model of the quarantine. Therefore, the national Bank has set a specific deadline for the introduction of the work of the BOT 23/7 mode to participants of system could count and optimally plan their activities in conditions of quarantine,” – said in the national Bank.

At the same time, the NBU notes that the conduct of banks interbank money transfer via of Sep in the new regime is a voluntary option.

“The banks themselves will make the decision regarding the beginning and completion of the work in the EPAs on the basis of their own needs and the needs of its customers. Recall that the work of the BOT mode 23/7 state tears up the stage for the transition of Sep on clock mode”, – stated in the NBU.

Нацбанк запускает систему электронных платежей в новом режиме