National guardsman arrested the driver who hit a woman on the Sands and tried to run away

Нацгвардеец задержал водителя, который сбил женщину на Песках и пытался сбежать

Became known the details of the accident, which occurred on March 10. On street Factory on the Sands of the driver of “Hyundai” knocked down a woman standing on the median. It turned out that the intruder tried to leave the scene of an accident, but he managed to hold thanks to the serviceman of the military unit 3303.

On the evening of March 10, serviceman of the military unit 3303 major Sergei Pirozhenko was returning home after the service on his car. While driving it clipped the crossover Hyundai. This car then hit a woman standing on the median and was going to cross the road. The national guardsman stopped to assist the victim, at this point, the driver of “Hyundai” decided to leave the scene of an accident and slammed on the gas.

Sergey Pirozhenko caught up with the offender and locked him the movement of your car. During communication, the soldier noticed the driver had signs of intoxication. The man didn’t want to get out of the car and tried to move. But the national guardsman gripped the door and he was able through the window to reach for the ignition key, turn off the engine and take the keys.

The military called an ambulance and the police. The victim woman sustained serious injuries.

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