National Interest: the new Russian machine SHAQ-12 can become a “terror on the battlefield”

National Interest: новый российский автомат ШАК-12 может стать "ужасом на поле боя"

Journalists of the National Interest felt that the new version of the Russian assault gun SHACK-may 12 article to the enemy, “terror on the battlefield”. The weapon was truly universal – it supports three kinds of bullets and are particularly effective when fighting short range.

The machine was created for use by special forces of the FSB. In particular, it can show a good performance in counter-terrorism operations, including in the presence of the hostages. SHAQ-12 can fire the following ammunition: armor-piercing with exposed cores, shell and dvupolnymi.

Assault rifle submitted in 2017 and presented to the Russian defense exhibition “Army 2018”, will be used by the FSB in close combat, and in future of Russian counter-terrorism operations. Russia, however, there are plans to export SHAQ-12: the machine was shown at Defexpo 2018 in India and China and actively sold as an export product.

Delivery of the machine dB-12/SHAQ-12 in troops began in 2011. Weapons built under the scheme bullpup under special types of ammunition and is extensively equipped with Picatinny rail. The developer acted as the Central design and research Bureau of sporting and hunting weapons.