NATO experts told about vulnerabilities in the Ukrainian defense structure

Эксперты НАТО рассказали об уязвимых местах в украинской оборонной структуре

Ukraine has a significant level of national sustainability on seven basic requirements of NATO and has a powerful capacity to respond to tactical level, but needs to be improved coordination at the strategic-operational level.

This was announced at the final session of the consultation on the development of the system of national resistance of Ukraine the head of the group of experts in the Advisory support of NATO Hasit Tanka, reports a press-service “portal”.

“In the context of a hybrid war gaps interagency coordination creates vulnerabilities. Therefore, there is still work to do,” said Tanka.

During consultations were discussed, particularly the issues of creation of the legislation system stability, the transition from intra-to inter-departmental work, conducting regular training for civil servants and harmonize the disparate procedures and plans. In the near future there should be established an interdepartmental working group on realization of these tasks.

“Ukraine is a close partner of NATO and the first nation that initiated the visit of experts for the development of a national system of sustainability. This is a very important first step for Ukraine and for NATO”, – said the head of the NATO mission in Ukraine Alexander Vinnikov.