NATO Secretary General reiterated the support of the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine

Генсек НАТО подтвердил поддержку евроатлантического курса Украины

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday in a videoconference, presented the annual report on the activities of NATO in 2019, which confirms the preservation of the open door policy and support Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine.

The full text of the Annual report of the Secretary-General of NATO in 2019 published on the website of the Alliance.

“In 2019, the allies confirmed their commitment to support possible NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine in accordance with the decision of the Bucharest summit of 2008 and subsequent summits. Open door policy of NATO strengthens the Alliance and brings security to millions of Europeans”, – stated in the document.

It notes that open-door policy of NATO is one of the fundamental principles of the Washington Treaty and one of the biggest successes of the Alliance.

“NATO’s door open to European democracies that share the values of the Alliance, are willing and able to take responsibility and obligations related to membership, consistent with the principles of the North Atlantic Treaty and the inclusion of which (in the Alliance) can contribute to Euro-Atlantic security space. NATO respects the right of each country to choose its own way to ensure their safety, so every such country has the right to choose to join or not to join treaties and alliances”, – stated in the Annual report of the Secretary-General of NATO.